Jose Astigarraga

Described as “‘a brilliant strategist who always has absolute command of the subject matter and is always prepared,’…” and cited for his “‘extraordinary critical thinking skills, strategic planning, extensive international relationships and depth of experience,’ which ‘put him on a level all by himself,’” José Astigarraga is an experienced advocate who represents clients in international business disputes.

Experience. In the course of more than 30 years of practice, Astigarraga has handled a broad array of matters. His experience includes representing companies in disputes stemming from joint ventures, distribution agreements, licensing arrangements, shareholder agreements, corporate acquisitions, supply agreements, power projects, EPC and other construction contracts, credit, investment and other financial contracts, telecommunications agreements, utility/public service tariffs, insurance coverage, performance bonds and foreign judgments. Fully fluent in both English and Spanish, Astigarraga has handled cases emanating from virtually every country in Latin America.